Passed our NT scan.

Quick update,

both of the babies passed their NT scan with low risks. Both had nasal bones and their NT measurements were 1.2mm and 1.5mm – which are fantastic.

Baby B was incredibly difficult during the scan and we were there for over an hour trying to get them in the right position. After lots of jumping, walking around and trying to get them to move – we finally got the measurements.

Unfortunately the pictures we got weren’t great. While disappointing not important – I was just happy to hear they both passed their NT scan with flying colours ­čÖé



We announced our twins!



We hit 12 weeks yesterday and we officially annouced. I had so many emotions running through my body when we told the world… I was crying, laughing, shaking and couldn’t breathe – I was just so excited and nervous.

We have had a lot of support and not a single person so far has asked if they’re natural, planned or anything. We haven’t even had any “Better you than me!” comments surprisingly.

I definitely feel vulnerable now that everyone knows. It’s a weird feeling.

Thankfully yesterday I was able to book a last minute ultrasound scan at a private clinic to check on them before announcing. I have a ultrasound appointment this Wednesday for my NT scan but I couldn’t wait that long after waiting since 3 weeks! I was so impatient after we took our announcement photos.

I’ll be honest though, I’m pretty nervous for our NT scan. I really hope everything is okay. I’m such a worrier that I’ve convinced myself that Baby A doesn’t have a nasal bone but I am hoping it’s just the pics since Baby A is hard to see as Baby B is on top of them.

A is on top in the first picture and the second picture is a zoomed out pic because we wanted a heartbeat picture. I should have good pics like the first pictures on Wednesday.

Anyways we’re really happy we annouced. It feels great getting it off my chest and to let everyone know our secret!


4 weeks 5 days.

My baby is the size of a red lentil today. I want my little one to keep growing…

I don’t know why but I am having the worst anxiety about miscarriage. I fall into a hole where I am googling miscarriage statistics, molar pregnancies, blighted ovum and HCG numbers… I can’t stop. It’s becoming an obsession especially because I keep waking up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back to sleep so I Google things.

I had great HCG numbers. I had a very thick lining. I’m on progesterone suppositories. I’m having a lot of symptoms. I have never had a miscarriage (or pregnancy) before. I’m only 23… I have no reason to think I will have a miscarriage yet… It won’t leave my head.

I’m also upset because my husband’s family don’t seem excited or really even seem to care that we’re pregnant. This is both my husband and I’s first child but they don’t seem to share our excitement.

Yet my parents are through the moon so I am worried it might be upsetting my husband. I just wish people could be happy for us.

You know that saying … “treat people how you want to be treated?”

Well I am calling bullshit. I am such an enthusiastic person when someone tells me good news. I enjoy being happy for people and celebrating. I have been SO EXCITED for his sister and was always asking her how she was feeling, when’s her next ultrasound and the whole nine yards.

Her responce when we gave her a Valentine’s Day card from our baby?

“Oh wow (sarcastically) will you look at that… congrats guys…” and a one armed hug.

His mom just said “oh that’s great, congrats”

His dad said “well looks like you guys have some planning” no congrats or I’m happy for you.

Maybe I am being hormonal or sensitive but it hurt my feelings that they don’t actually seem excited or happy for us.

Anyways… We’re excited and my family is really excited. We can’t wait to see baby on the 27th and I hope they give us an ultrasound picture.

On another happy note I was naughty and bought a REALLY CUTE SHIRT. I won’t be wearing it until we announce but I am thinking I will take my bump pics in it as it grows.



Long time no see…

Unfortunately I am not able to let you all know that I got my BFP… Just lots of BFNs since my last post.

I definitely do have some updates. We got our referral to a new clinic in September and had an appointment the very next week. This clinic is huge but far from my house but thankfully they are incredibly kind. We did speak about my weight but it wasn’t in a judgemental way that the previous clinic spoke to me and I definitely didn’t leave in tears.

We did our investigation cycle in October and found out I am right on the line for hypothyroidism with a 3.0 level where my doctor wants the maximum to be 2.5. My thyroid medications have been making quite the difference as my body temperature has raised an incredible amount from 35.8/36.2 to 36.8/37.2 plus my skin doesn’t feel as dry.

I also found out that my follicles do not burst. I grow big mature follicles but they don’t pop, they shrink even with a confirmed LH surge.

Interestingly even with a LH surge confirmed with blood work I still could not get a positive OPK. I’m 100% tired of OPKs.

My husband on the other hand has amazing sperm. My doctor was incredibly happy with his results 190 mil at 90%.

Tubes are clear, uterus and lining was great. No cysts and other than ovulating issues there were no other issues seen.

In December we started our first round of┬áclomid but unfortunately it wasn’t successful. I did indeed ovulate (we used a trigger) but I guess the egg just didn’t stick. ): I was absolutely HEARTBROKEN.

I was also on progesterone suppositories due to low progesterone from not ovulating. My progesterone levels were fine once I did ovulate though. I did still take the progesterone suppositories but man those really gave fake pregnancy symptoms.

We started our second round of clomid yesterday. I am trying to be optimistic but I am very cautious about getting excited. I was so sure that my first round of clomid was going to end in success.

Right now I am also taking baby aspirin, pomegranate juice and of course prenatals to try and help implantation. I will be eating pineapple after ovulation as well because even if it could help in the slightest – I am up to try it!

I go back for my ultrasounds starting CD10 to watch follicle development. We triggered at CD14 so hopefully we can trigger around that time again.

Christmas was difficult. Lots of pregnancy announcements including my sister in law. I am very happy for them – I just really want it to be our turn too.

I hope some of my blog followers got their BFPs. Please send my husband and I some positive thoughts, prayers and baby dust.


Cycle day 12

I used one clear blue this morning and internet cheapies OKP twice today, oddly they are lighter than they have been the past few days.


I assumed they would get darker as my ovulation time approaches. I am trying not to stress and stay optimistic – but it is frustrating. I like things to just move and work how they should, anything different just bugs me.

So far my cycle is looking pretty normal and staying nice and even before ovulation. Hoping to see a nice high peak this time!


Other than baby making news…

There wasn’t much going on today.

We went to the beach but it definitely wasn’t as hot as we hoped it would be so we didn’t stay as long as usual, we did still get our workout in though.

There wasn’t a loss on the scale this morning. I have been slacking with my water consumption so I should really binge on some water tomorrow to flush some water weight – after my OPK of course.

Cruisers eyes are the same. No better or worse.

Hopefully my OPK lines show soon!



Cycle day 11 + weight loss

Negative OPK today, not surprising though so no big deal. Estimating that if I do ovulate it will be next Tuesday (CD 17).

I will be using my clear blues starting tomorrow. ┬áMy periods are kind of irregular since March… Sometimes they’re 29 days but mostly around 31 days, but I’m going to calculate when I should start testing as my cycle being 29 days so I don’t miss ovulation – just in case.

What I am excited about is during my hopeful fertile period… We’ll be house sitting for my mother in law. Sounds like a weird thing to be excited about but let me explain.

Currently my husband and I live with my family until our house we’re buying is built in 2017. It is just so we can save up our money easier and have a nest egg. Unfortunately it does get crowded as stressful – especially when baby dancing.

So from Sunday – Wednesday my mother in law will be at a cottage and asked us to house sit and watch the kitties. So we will have lots of alone time – smack dab when I am suppose to ovulate! We have our own bed there too, so it’s not weird ­čśë

On other news… I’m now down 64lbs! I also was comparing some pictures from last October (old pic has red hair) to see some face changes which is exciting. I was probably +40lbs in that pic.

I do have a longgggg way to go, but progress is still exciting!



Cycle day 6

Period has ended.

Sun is shining.

Sex is happening.

Hopefully this cycle will be our month. I have the clear blue OPKs in the drawer ready to be used. Ovulation should happen around CD 15 – 18 if the apps are correct.

I do hope the OPK will show me ovulating. The internet cheapies never worked for me, but I am not even sure I ovulated due to my hormones being out of whack from my cyst.

After this normal period – I hope that means my hormones are acting normal again.

Also I was pleasantly surprised to see a loss this week when I weighed in. I am now down -60 lbs but I still have a TON to lose but I am going down the right track.