HUGE update!

So I’m a mommy! I can’t believe I forgot to update on here for anyone who was following along. I missed updating about the shower and of course my babies being born!

I’ll have to eventually post my birth story but seeing how it’s been half a year since I have updated I’ll just share some pictures of my little ones ☺️ They were born October 5th so we’re almost 4 months old.

Introducing Preston and Valerie.


26 weeks.

26 weeks this week but my little ones are measuring 27 weeks! We are in the 80th and 65th percentile weighing in at 2.2 and 2.1 pounds. So they’re big especially for twins – definitely happy with how they’re growing.

I’m doing good, just really tired. I’m getting pretty round too! I passed my GD test with flying colours which is great seeing as my previous OB made it seem like I would DEFINITELY have GD being plus sized and carrying twins.


We started our twin prenatal classes last week and had our second class yesterday. We were able to go on a hospital tour which was great – we will be delivering in such a beautiful hospital! All the rooms are such a great size too which is great since we were debating if we wanted to pay to upgrade to private but now I am not sure we will bother since there are beds for the husbands in all the rooms.

Otherwise the little ones are doing great! They scored 8/8 on all their tests and they are practicing “breathing” lots which is fantastic news.

Our shower is at the end of the month and I am so looking forward to it! My mom is planning it mostly but she is including me a lot which is fun. We’re doing a woodland theme and it should be super cute.





We found out if our little ones are boys, girls or one of each this weekend at our gender reveal!

I was guessing they were going to be girls while my husband was guessing they were going to be boy/girl.  Our party members guessed Girls (3), Boys (4) and Both (13). We had no preference at what our little ones were, but we were SO EXCITED to find out!

We had confetti poppers and it was a blast. It worked out great because we didn’t know what they were, neither did our families since we have the envelope to a family friend – so it was a huge surprise. Plus our family friend was so honoured that she could be the secret holder.

Anyways… Now that I built the suspense enough 😉


So my husband was right again! We are so excited and I am a little embarrassed to admit we already started shopping (even my husband!)

We didn’t have a preference but I would be lying if I didn’t say having one of each is pretty cool! But very overwhelming since we really will need to buy double everything including wardrobes.






15 weeks with the twins

I haven’t updated in a little bit but I met with my new OB last week without any complaints. She was friendly and didn’t give me a hard time about my weight which was great.

She did send a referral for me to a high risk program in Toronto though. I’m not upset though, quite relieved honestly. This hospital has the best NICU and birthing centre in Canada, great review and is in the top six best birthing hospitals in the world. They have a big multiples program and even multiples birthing classes. I think this gives my babies and myself the best care possible so I am relieved to live close enough to be referred there. The hospital itself is about 45 – 60 minutes away as long we move our butts as soon as we think we could be in labour I think we will be okay with the distance and that we pray they don’t decide to come during rush hour.

I have been feeling the babies regularly which is great. They both seem to be really active especially during the late afternoon.

We bought our stroller already this past week since it was $100 off at babies r us’ stroller sale. We ended up going with the Options Contour double stroller. Originally I wanted to get the city select but once we priced the stroller, second seat add-on, two car seat adapters… It was just getting to be wayyyyy too much money. I really like the one we picked, the only issue is that it is huge but what double stroller isn’t going to be massive?

Anyways that’s all that’s been really going on at the moment with the babies. Otherwise I have just been having intense round ligament pains and it was my 24th birthday yesterday which was fun. I just can’t wait till we can find out the babies genders! Also added bump progress! 5 weeks to 15 weeks!


Passed our NT scan.

Quick update,

both of the babies passed their NT scan with low risks. Both had nasal bones and their NT measurements were 1.2mm and 1.5mm – which are fantastic.

Baby B was incredibly difficult during the scan and we were there for over an hour trying to get them in the right position. After lots of jumping, walking around and trying to get them to move – we finally got the measurements.

Unfortunately the pictures we got weren’t great. While disappointing not important – I was just happy to hear they both passed their NT scan with flying colours 🙂



10 weeks 4 days

Hello everyone, I just wanted to update everyone to say the twins and I are doing good!

We had another ultrasound a few days ago and they’re growing perfectly! Both of the hemorrhages are gone which brings me great relief!

Babies heart rates were 170 and 174 and were quite the show offs. Both were kicking, waving and having quite the dance party. They actually look more like babies instead of gummy bears now too which is great!

I’m dying to see them again soon!



One of the scariest moments of my life.

We rushed to the hospital last night after a gush of bright red blood just before midnight. I was sure this was going to be the end of my twins.

Thankfully once I got to the hospital the bleeding had stopped and was turning brown. It was a relief to see the gushing red stop but I was still so worried.

Unfortunately my hospital doesn’t have ultrasounds open during the night – which doesn’t make sense to me as I live in a huge city… But anyways I had to come again in the morning, it was going to be a long night.

We got the earliest appointment at 7am and when I woke up the bleeding was light brown but I was having some cramping so I was extremely worried.

My ultrasound tech was actually a student and she was going to have her teacher come in to help teach her. She had never done a full scan on twins so I was happy to help her learn. I also got to hear more about how the babies were doing during the scan as they spoke to each other.

MY BABIES HAD HEARTBEATS. I started bawling my eyes out. I couldn’t believe it and I was so thankful. My ultrasound techs were so kind they even let my husband come see them. They had gotten so big since last week and their heartbeats were 169 and 179.

We had to wait hours at the hospital for our results but we were just so thankful our babies were still alive. We did unfortunately find out I have TWO subchorionic hemorrhages though, both around 2cm in diameter.

I have read there can be complications but we are just focusing on the good at this point. Our babies are doing great and they’re both measuring the same at a day ahead now too which is great.

I am on modified bed rest now so I guess I should find a new TV series I like… I just hope the hemorrhages get smaller quickly and that our babies keep growing steadily.