Babies looked good!


Yay! The doctor said the babies are doing wonderful!

We have heartbeats of 140 for Baby A and 145 for Baby B. Which my doctor said is perfect. Baby B is measuring 2 days behind but she also said that it’s completely normal and they can measure ahead or behind up to 7 days. She also said she would guess one is a boy and one is a girl from the sizes but it’s all hocus pocus right now.

My husband took off some time from work to see them today too, so he was really happy. They looked like little peanuts, the cutest little peanuts though.

So definitely feeling happy today!


7 weeks today.


Seven weeks today and I have an ultrasound to check on my little raspberries tomorrow. I really hope and pray they are doing well.

My husband is coming with me tomorrow so I am hoping I will have a friendly tech that will let him come and see – he was so sad he missed the first one.

My husband has been so happy about the twins, I think he’s also happy that he was right all along that we are having twins. He’s been incredibly helpful and so protective over me, normally he is – but he’s definitely holding my arm a little tighter walking off the curb now.

“Morning” sickness has been alright so far. I have only actually been sick once, I’m mostly just really nauseous. It comes and goes but late afternoon is when I get hit the hardest or when we are in the car.

I notice when we go to baby stores people are dismissing me as not pregnant. I get the up and down look, they check for a bump and then they move on. Sucks for them because I have to buy twice the amount of things – they’re missing out on some sales. I’m looking at you Buy Buy Baby.

We did buy two bassinets this weekend though. I know you aren’t suppose to shop this early – but they were on sale and it saved me over $80 buying them now compared to later when they’re not on sale. Plus they are prefect. We have a lot of grey chevron already because I was terrible and bought stuff before we were even pregnant, so really my husband wasn’t shocked that I already wanted to buy things.


Anyways, I’ll update tomorrow once I have some more news and hopefully another ultrasound picture!



Went to my six week ultrasound this morning and got the surprise of a lifetime.

We are having twins!

My husband has been wanting twins so badly and has even been saying it’s twins since we got pregnant due to my beta numbers doubling quicker than normal.

I didn’t tell him until he got home that it was twins and he’s so excited. I made him this surprise box which he loved.


His family is a lot more excited with this announcement compared to us telling them we were pregnant which is a nice surprise.

They had great heartbeats for their age. 110 and 115 which my doctor said was good for 6 weeks, especially since their hearts just started beating within the past couple days and will increase daily.

I go for another ultrasound next week at 7 weeks at the fertility clinic to see how they’re progressing before sending me to an OB.

I was so sure I was going to have bad news today, so I am utterly shocked and feel so thankful.

My ultrasound tech had a feeling it was twins before she even scanned me too which was neat. She asked me how many follicles I ovulated with before scanning me and then once she started scanning me said “You know, I don’t ever ask people how many follicles they had at ovulation so I wasn’t sure why I blurted that out… but now I do because you’re having two!”

I can’t wait to see them again! My precious little ones.


4 weeks 5 days.

My baby is the size of a red lentil today. I want my little one to keep growing…

I don’t know why but I am having the worst anxiety about miscarriage. I fall into a hole where I am googling miscarriage statistics, molar pregnancies, blighted ovum and HCG numbers… I can’t stop. It’s becoming an obsession especially because I keep waking up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back to sleep so I Google things.

I had great HCG numbers. I had a very thick lining. I’m on progesterone suppositories. I’m having a lot of symptoms. I have never had a miscarriage (or pregnancy) before. I’m only 23… I have no reason to think I will have a miscarriage yet… It won’t leave my head.

I’m also upset because my husband’s family don’t seem excited or really even seem to care that we’re pregnant. This is both my husband and I’s first child but they don’t seem to share our excitement.

Yet my parents are through the moon so I am worried it might be upsetting my husband. I just wish people could be happy for us.

You know that saying … “treat people how you want to be treated?”

Well I am calling bullshit. I am such an enthusiastic person when someone tells me good news. I enjoy being happy for people and celebrating. I have been SO EXCITED for his sister and was always asking her how she was feeling, when’s her next ultrasound and the whole nine yards.

Her responce when we gave her a Valentine’s Day card from our baby?

“Oh wow (sarcastically) will you look at that… congrats guys…” and a one armed hug.

His mom just said “oh that’s great, congrats”

His dad said “well looks like you guys have some planning” no congrats or I’m happy for you.

Maybe I am being hormonal or sensitive but it hurt my feelings that they don’t actually seem excited or happy for us.

Anyways… We’re excited and my family is really excited. We can’t wait to see baby on the 27th and I hope they give us an ultrasound picture.

On another happy note I was naughty and bought a REALLY CUTE SHIRT. I won’t be wearing it until we announce but I am thinking I will take my bump pics in it as it grows.



4 weeks 3 days.

I had my third beta test yesterday with good numbers again! From 248 – 651!

My nurse was really happy with the numbers and I am definitely pregnant. We also booked my first doctors visit and ultrasound! I go for a six week ultrasound on Feb 27th and I am very excited.

I feel a little bit less nervous now that my betas are getting nice and high – plus I passed my expected period date. I hope little one keeps growing now.

I decided to start taking my “bump” pictures even though it’s just fat and bloating right now, but I really don’t want to hide behind my weight. We worked really hard to finally get this miracle and I don’t want to be ashamed of my body the whole pregnancy or not post because I am not one of those cute tiny pregnant ladies. I want to experience a maternity shoot and take pictures of my growing bump to show my little one eventually. So here’s my first bump picture! My itty bitty baby is in there!



Beta #2 was good news!

Went for my beta today (14DPO) and ended up getting some great news! My beta was 248 from 46! HUGE increase in three days.

My clinic has now officially also declared me as pregnant! The nurse today was much nicer than the nurse on my first beta too. They want me to come in for one more beta on Tuesday.

Four weeks and baby is the size of a tomato seed!

Period is due today/tomorrow so please don’t show up! Fingers crossed!


Nervous for 2nd beta tomorrow.

3 weeks 6 days today and hoping I will stay pregnant. I had a nice thick uterine lining and on progesterone suppositories so I hope baby stays nice and cozy.

I ended up telling my parents last night, I wasn’t going to tell them until after my second beta but I needed to share the news with someone! Plus if anything did happen, I would want my mom.

I gave them a Valentine’s Day card from baby and told them that they will see them in October! Both my parents started crying and they were so excited. They are already trying to decide their grandparent names LOL.

I haven’t tested in 24 hours now as I was stressing myself out comparing the lines to each other and wanting them to get darker quicker. I ended up just getting a digital so I would get a simple yes or no and I got a yes!


My appetite is pretty weird the past couple days… I’m just not super hungry and food just tastes boring. I really only want spicy food!

I’m mostly just worried about this weekend though since my period is due Sunday/Monday… Once I am done with my betas and passed this weekend I think I will calm down a bit.

Fingers crossed for good beta numbers tomorrow.