About Us

Hello there!

wedding pic

My name is Carley and my husbands name is Christopher. We have been happily married since October 18th 2014 and have two awesome german shepherd dogs.

My husband is a CNC machinist and taekwon do instructor. He’s an amazing man and he can’t wait to be a dad one day. He’s incredibly funny, sweet and caring as well, definitely one in a million kind of guy.

I’m a housewife and a stay at home doggie mom. I have an interest in real estate and would love to sell houses one day but first I would love to start a family! I’m plus sized but also trying to get more into shape – I’m down 60 pounds from last year which I am happy about but would love to lose another 60 pounds.

Ours dogs are Jynx (7) and Cruise (1) and right now they’re our pride and joy. They’re both big sucks that love to cuddle – they’re also so great with kids.
Cruiser is the dark sable on the left and Jynx is the black and tan on the right.