15 weeks with the twins

I haven’t updated in a little bit but I met with my new OB last week without any complaints. She was friendly and didn’t give me a hard time about my weight which was great.

She did send a referral for me to a high risk program in Toronto though. I’m not upset though, quite relieved honestly. This hospital has the best NICU and birthing centre in Canada, great review and is in the top six best birthing hospitals in the world. They have a big multiples program and even multiples birthing classes. I think this gives my babies and myself the best care possible so I am relieved to live close enough to be referred there. The hospital itself is about 45 – 60 minutes away as long we move our butts as soon as we think we could be in labour I think we will be okay with the distance and that we pray they don’t decide to come during rush hour.

I have been feeling the babies regularly which is great. They both seem to be really active especially during the late afternoon.

We bought our stroller already this past week since it was $100 off at babies r us’ stroller sale. We ended up going with the Options Contour double stroller. Originally I wanted to get the city select but once we priced the stroller, second seat add-on, two car seat adapters… It was just getting to be wayyyyy too much money. I really like the one we picked, the only issue is that it is huge but what double stroller isn’t going to be massive?

Anyways that’s all that’s been really going on at the moment with the babies. Otherwise I have just been having intense round ligament pains and it was my 24th birthday yesterday which was fun. I just can’t wait till we can find out the babies genders! Also added bump progress! 5 weeks to 15 weeks!


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