Went to my six week ultrasound this morning and got the surprise of a lifetime.

We are having twins!

My husband has been wanting twins so badly and has even been saying it’s twins since we got pregnant due to my beta numbers doubling quicker than normal.

I didn’t tell him until he got home that it was twins and he’s so excited. I made him this surprise box which he loved.


His family is a lot more excited with this announcement compared to us telling them we were pregnant which is a nice surprise.

They had great heartbeats for their age. 110 and 115 which my doctor said was good for 6 weeks, especially since their hearts just started beating within the past couple days and will increase daily.

I go for another ultrasound next week at 7 weeks at the fertility clinic to see how they’re progressing before sending me to an OB.

I was so sure I was going to have bad news today, so I am utterly shocked and feel so thankful.

My ultrasound tech had a feeling it was twins before she even scanned me too which was neat. She asked me how many follicles I ovulated with before scanning me and then once she started scanning me said “You know, I don’t ever ask people how many follicles they had at ovulation so I wasn’t sure why I blurted that out… but now I do because you’re having two!”

I can’t wait to see them again! My precious little ones.


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