Nervous for 2nd beta tomorrow.

3 weeks 6 days today and hoping I will stay pregnant. I had a nice thick uterine lining and on progesterone suppositories so I hope baby stays nice and cozy.

I ended up telling my parents last night, I wasn’t going to tell them until after my second beta but I needed to share the news with someone! Plus if anything did happen, I would want my mom.

I gave them a Valentine’s Day card from baby and told them that they will see them in October! Both my parents started crying and they were so excited. They are already trying to decide their grandparent names LOL.

I haven’t tested in 24 hours now as I was stressing myself out comparing the lines to each other and wanting them to get darker quicker. I ended up just getting a digital so I would get a simple yes or no and I got a yes!


My appetite is pretty weird the past couple days… I’m just not super hungry and food just tastes boring. I really only want spicy food!

I’m mostly just worried about this weekend though since my period is due Sunday/Monday… Once I am done with my betas and passed this weekend I think I will calm down a bit.

Fingers crossed for good beta numbers tomorrow.


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