Still looking like I am pregnant!

I ended up going to my clinic today to get more progesterone and while I was there I wanted to get a beta done – they didn’t want me to come until Feb 15 but I was getting anxious.

The cranky nurse scolded me for coming early since I had a trigger shot but my beta was 46. They said I was positive for pregnancy but they don’t know how much is the trigger shot and dismissed me when I said my urine tests have been getting darker and darker.

The nurse I spoke too was also said my numbers were low but at 3 weeks 4 days it was saying anywhere from 5 – 50 were normal values and I had a 46… So I’m not sure where that was coming from (maybe compared to 4 weeks when they wanted me to come in?) but like I said she was cranky.

I’m 99% sure it’s not my trigger since it’s progressively getting darker and was super light at 9dpo compared to now 11dpo but that anxiety is still in the back of my mind.

They don’t want me to come back until Sunday for another beta test which is disappointing because I really wanted to see it increase but I’ll have to be patient.

Anyways here is my latest BFP!!! I never thought I would say that.



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