Infertility blows.

8dpo today and just feeling really down…

I’m really feeling like it won’t ever happen, I can’t even imagine getting a positive test nevermind actually being pregnant and having a baby. It just feels like an experience that won’t happen to me unfortunately.

The only issue we’re having is ovulation issues but even when we did ovulate last month, nothing. I only get one more clomid cycle after this month unfortunately so as much as I hope this is our month – it just feels like every other month. I end up becoming optimistic, I feel symptoms and then BFN.

It just hurts so much. We waited to start trying and it feels like we are being punished for trying to make our lives stable before having a baby.

We time everything perfectly, confirmed ovulation and my husband’s counts are great. We want this so badly… Why won’t it just happen for us?

My husband deserves this and would be such an amazing father because he is the kindest man I know and he would love to teach them the art of taekwondo.

Please prove me wrong, bless us with a baby. Prove to me that there are still reasons to be optimistic and that this will actually happen. Please.


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