You can do it follicles!

Cycle day 12 today and my newest ultrasound now shows four follicles! I really hope they all keep growing!

These are the numbers I had today compared from two days ago.

11mm turned to a 14mm

10mm turned to a 13mm

10mm turned to a 11mm (not much growth on this one)

Plus one they didn’t even count two days ago is now past the 10mm mark at exactly 10mm.

My lining is 10mm as well so far and my doctor is very pleased with that. I’m not sure if the baby aspirin or pom juice helped at all – but it definitely doesn’t hurt to try it.

I am definitely feeling bloated but I don’t normally have four follicles growing so that might be why I feel so uncomfortable.

The odd thing was at my ultrasound my right ovary was hiding out for a bit, this has never happened to me before – my left is usually the one we struggle with yet that one was super easy to see on ultrasound. We eventually found the right with a little pushing but it’s weird how that one shifted this time.

Anyways fingers crossed they keep growing so we can trigger soon. I’m not sure what the trigger policy at my clinic is – I have heard others say their doctors won’t trigger if there is more than three so I hope that isn’t the case at my clinic. The doctors haven’t said anything to me just yet but we’ll see once they’re bigger.


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