Grow follicles grow.

So yesterday I went for my CD10 ultrasound and it was alright, nothing too exciting yet.

I have three follicles over 10mm but they’re still tiny.

One was at 11mm and two were at 10mm.

I don’t know if that means I am responded to clomid well or not since last cycle I didn’t go in for an ultrasound until CD12 and I had a 16mm and a 12mm and they said that they were good numbers for me.

I triggered CD14 last cycle but I don’t think it will be as early this cycle.

I do hope all three grow and mature though. I would love to be able to trigger with all three. Unfortunately I know from previous cycles my secondary follicles tend to shrink on me so I hope that isn’t the case this cycle.

Trying to eat lots of nutrient rich foods to help my follicles grow as much as possible as well. I had a ton of beans yesterday since I read that the iron in them really helps your FSH so hopefully they’re all getting nice and big tomorrow.

Grow follicles grow!


2 thoughts on “Grow follicles grow.

  1. I’m rootin’ for ya! I remember being frustrated at my ultrasound when there were just the two follicles on one side, when an earlier cycle had shown more than 12 between both ovaries. It’s a craps shoot. Good on ya for eating well and being mindful of the whole-body effect.


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