CD 5

Good morning,

Thankfully Aunt Flow seems to be packing up to leave – hopefully she leaves for the next 9 months would be great. This period was pretty much my normal period except that there was minimal spotting before it started and the cramps on the first day were ridiculously painful.

I’m on day 3 of clomid today. No headaches this time yet but I have already experienced a hot flash. Thankfully taking the pills at night seems to help with side effects.

This week I have been trying to feed my follicles a good diet so they can grow nice and big.

So I am making sure to eat lots of fruit, veggies (especially broccoli), pom juice, beans and chicken. I’m also drinking 3.25% milk in hopes that it will give me a boost.

Last time my follicle was mature at CD14 but I feel like we should of waited another day or so before triggering… Unfortunately my clinic was closed for New Year’s Eve/New Years Day so we had to trigger on the 30th… It was still mature at 18mm but I would of preferred it to be over 20mm. My body doesn’t seem to try to ovulate until CD18 on its own – so that’s when I get all my fertile CM so unfortunately when we triggered I didn’t have egg whites. It was more like cloudy/stretchy and there wasn’t a ton of it. Which has me wondering if it was due to clomid or because we triggered early. We ended up using preseed but I still wonder if that’s why round one didn’t work.

The issue on waiting for my follicles to get to 20+ though might be because mine tend to shrink. So doing it as soon as they’re mature does make sense in that aspect.

Anyways just a little update on this cycle and I hope this is the last cycle I will have to write about, fingers crossed.

Good luck to all of you! Hope you get your BFP.


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