Cycle day 21. No ovulation yet.


Still no positive OPK – but we’re getting a little darker at least.

My last cycle was 36 days so if this one follows that lead we’re actually right where we should be (aprox ovulation date this coming Monday) so I am hoping that might just be the case.

My temperature actually got even higher, so that “should” be a good sign I believe too that at least ovulation is coming.

Who knows, I didn’t use a clear blue OPK CD 19 at night, maybe it would have been positive then.

Pretty much I am just playing a guessing game until I either get a positive OPK, my period or hopefully a BFP!

CD 21 OPK.

Now the crappy thing is… My husband and I went away for the weekend. Guess who forgot the digital part of her OPK kit? Yep, that was me.

I can still do the tests and try to base it on the lines but from what I have seen online on google images is that the digitals aren’t exactly like the regular pee sticks. It seems people get their smiley faces even when the first line isn’t as dark as the second line a lot of the time. Almost like it just has to be dark enough… So I’m not sure how that all works.

Still having egg whites today it seems 🙂 so that’s good at least! Having some more little pains but not the same really painful pains that I was getting with my cysts.

Anyways we’re just going to try and enjoy our weekend away. My husband didn’t get to use his summer vacation since he started working at a better job so we’re on a little mini vacation this long weekend.

Our room is simple but cute. The hotel is decorated like a ski lodge in the lobby but brick in the actual rooms.


We’re going on a 2.5 hour boat cruise around the lake to see all the little islands tomorrow which should be nice and hanging out in the pool.

I definitely need to try and relax because I am obsessing over taking my OPKs which is actually what I didn’t want to do ):

Anyways, cross your fingers a positive OPK comes soon. I just want to know I ovulate so I can relax – because after trying OPKs this many times and never having a positive is really upsetting.


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