Cycle day 20… Maybe ovulating?

I really hate OPKs. Reaaaally hate them.

I have never had a positive OPK. Maybe health related or maybe human error… Probably human error. Hopefully human error.

I really thought I would wake up and get a positive OPK after my darker ones the night before… But there was barely even a line.

My temperature was even higher today though – so that’s really frustrating. Plus my right breast was so tender especially when I took off my bra which isn’t normal for me.

So I whined, pouted, searched PCOS a million times, looked up any possible reason, swore at my OPKs for lying to me since they said first morning urine was okay and then tested again later in the day where I then saw a similar line as the day before so maybe I just haven’t ovulated yet, maybe I missed it, who knows…  I have no idea.

So fast forward to later that day – I tell myself I will test again before bed and see what it tells me. Well I completely forgot about that during spicy dinner and had THREE bottles of water. After dinner? I just had to have a pumpkin spice latte the day it came out at Starbucks. Right? Right.

Well wouldn’t you guess when it was time to test my urine was super pale. I did get a light line… But even if it should of been a smiley face my urine would of been way to diluted to see that.

So I checked my CM… Since OPKs weren’t going to tell me anything right now.

TMI warning… But holy egg whites!! I have been checking for this all week and finally, egg whites no doubt about it. I never thought I would be excited about something like that LOL.

So I really have no idea what’s going on but I am hoping OPKs are just a pain in the butt and that I will be ovulating tonight, tomorrow or at least soon!


7 thoughts on “Cycle day 20… Maybe ovulating?

    • No, never. I haven’t had anything tested yet. I had an appointment at a fertility clinic in June but the doctor was just terrible to my husband and I due to me being plus sized so we didn’t find anything out. ):


      • Definitely do that now, and just with your obgyn or find a naturopath who specializes in fertility. AMH will estimate egg quantity and FSH will look at egg quality. Any doc can test this, it’s just done on a certain day of your cycle. Also get your thyroid tested as it has to be below 2.5 (I just wrote a blog post about this btw), which many don’t bother to mention.

        FYI I’m plus sized as well and the first doc I went to was terrible as well…but the second one was wonderful (go to to read local fertility clinic reviews). Unlike what some docs claim, obesity only affects approximately 10% of cases, so take a deep breath and get thyself to a nice provider to do those blood tests… and they can test your husband’s sperm as well for quantity, motility,etc. I promise it’ll help you two so much so you don’t waste time or tears. Hugs!!!


      • Sorry I haven’t been on my blog for awhile now. Since I last posted I have gone for all the testing and you were 100% right about the thyroid. I started thyroid medications back in November and my thyroid levels were 3.0.

        Husband thankfully had amazing results 190 Million at 90% so my doctor was really happy with his results.

        I on the other hand was not ovulating like I was suspecting. Progesterone was really low due to that at 0.7.

        I started clomid in December as well as a trigger… I did ovulate but unfortunately we didn’t get pregnant. I am on day 2 of clomid today for round 2.

        My thyroid levels are much better and I have definitely noticed. The biggest change was my body temperature. Before my body temperature was around the 35.8 – 36.2 range but now I am in the 36.8 – 37.2 range.

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  1. I agree with The EcoFeminist about getting tested. My husband and I got ourselves tested back in July/August. I’ve been having positive OPKs and have been baby dancing and timing everything – nada. Turns out, my progesterone is very low and as my doctor said it, it’s like being on birth control. Another thing – I do have PCOS, so the OPKs really weren’t reliable. Good luck on your journey!

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    • Hello sorry I haven’t been on my blog for awhile now. Since posting my last blog my husband and I were tested for everything and we have some answers.

      Unfortunately I wasn’t ovulating due to hypothyroidism. I’m going to write a longer post very shortly 🙂 thank you!

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