Cycle day 19… Waiting to ovulate.

I haven’t updated my blog for awhile and that’s because nothing has been going on, no positive OPKs, no big time side pain like in the past a few times and everything is just kinda moving along.

I am staying 100% committed to taking my morning temperatures and using my OPKs and because of this… I think I just learned my husband and I have been baby dancing at the wrong time this whole time.

I thought I ovulated around the 14 – 16 cycle day mark and I very well may have in the past but this cycle it looks like it may be the 20 – 21st, that is if I even ovulate. I got negative OPKs since CD11 but they’re starting to get darker! So I am crossing my fingers.

My temperature also took a little raise this morning. So I am hoping to see a jump tomorrow.


My app is actually saying I should ovulate today it seems to at least be a day off. My husband and I plan on baby dancing until we see a clear sign of ovulation though – so we shouldn’t miss it!

Anyways I will update once I do ovulate 🙂 or something else interesting happens!

ps, happy September!


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