Cycle day 12

I used one clear blue this morning and internet cheapies OKP twice today, oddly they are lighter than they have been the past few days.


I assumed they would get darker as my ovulation time approaches. I am trying not to stress and stay optimistic – but it is frustrating. I like things to just move and work how they should, anything different just bugs me.

So far my cycle is looking pretty normal and staying nice and even before ovulation. Hoping to see a nice high peak this time!


Other than baby making news…

There wasn’t much going on today.

We went to the beach but it definitely wasn’t as hot as we hoped it would be so we didn’t stay as long as usual, we did still get our workout in though.

There wasn’t a loss on the scale this morning. I have been slacking with my water consumption so I should really binge on some water tomorrow to flush some water weight – after my OPK of course.

Cruisers eyes are the same. No better or worse.

Hopefully my OPK lines show soon!



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