Cycle day 11 + weight loss

Negative OPK today, not surprising though so no big deal. Estimating that if I do ovulate it will be next Tuesday (CD 17).

I will be using my clear blues starting tomorrow.  My periods are kind of irregular since March… Sometimes they’re 29 days but mostly around 31 days, but I’m going to calculate when I should start testing as my cycle being 29 days so I don’t miss ovulation – just in case.

What I am excited about is during my hopeful fertile period… We’ll be house sitting for my mother in law. Sounds like a weird thing to be excited about but let me explain.

Currently my husband and I live with my family until our house we’re buying is built in 2017. It is just so we can save up our money easier and have a nest egg. Unfortunately it does get crowded as stressful – especially when baby dancing.

So from Sunday – Wednesday my mother in law will be at a cottage and asked us to house sit and watch the kitties. So we will have lots of alone time – smack dab when I am suppose to ovulate! We have our own bed there too, so it’s not weird 😉

On other news… I’m now down 64lbs! I also was comparing some pictures from last October (old pic has red hair) to see some face changes which is exciting. I was probably +40lbs in that pic.

I do have a longgggg way to go, but progress is still exciting!



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