Cycle day 10

I took an OPK today expecting nothing but a stark white test – I was surprised to see a line forming. Definitely not positive but hopefully ovulation will come within the next week!

I tested out a clear blue test as well, they’re definitely more work than just dipping an Internet cheapie I hope I get some better results with those.


Going to BD at least every other day this cycle until CD 22 or so just to make sure we don’t miss the fertile stage plus all that baby dancing makes my husband and I happy of course.

Otherwise nothing too interesting!

I read the book ‘The room’ today and then borrowed the movie from the library afterwards. I actually thought the movie added in some really smart plot details… I was impressed!

Going to start reading the book fifteen dogs tomorrow. It’s a book about Greek gods giving dogs human intelligence and free will to see if they want to continue being dogs or not – The setting is also in Toronto so it is definitely cool reading a local book.


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