Cycle day 9 and 63lbs lost.

It’s almost baby dance week!

I’m going to start using my clear blue ovulation tests on day 12… Not 100% when I ovulate but I believe around cycle day 15 – 19 but I’m going to test early just in case!

Weighed in today and I am down another 3lbs which is really exciting. I would like to lose another 19lbs before October 18th (which is our anniversary).


It’s definitely a tough goal of a bit more than 2lbs a week but I think because I have a bunch to lose that it is doable.

Today my husband and I climbed a ski hill (no snow of course since its summer), It was hard but I am proud of myself for doing it. My legs were pure jello afterwards.

Anyways I just wanted to give an update since nothing too exciting is happening since we’re just in the waiting to hopefully ovulate period.



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