Corneal dystrophy


Well we we have a diagnosis for Cruiser – corneal dystrophy. The specialist said it was a pretty clear case of it.

There unfortunately isn’t really a cure for it. We’re just suppose to monitor it at this time but we’re also waiting to hear back from the blood work analysis.

They’re testing a few things like his thyroid to see if it’s a symptom of something else bigger – we’re really hoping its nothing serious because any veterinarian diet for say a thyroid wouldn’t work for him due to his allergies.

It’s really frustrating that he is unfortunately the unlucky one from his litter to have all these issues. Did I mention on top of allergies he also had pano from 15 weeks to 1.5 years of age? Yeah he’s gotten the short end of the stick to say the least.

Anyways as long as the spots stay the same size and shape he shouldn’t have any vision issues. He thankfully seems to have all his vision at the moment, we we’re hoping it stays that way!

Thanks for checking in!!


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