Vet trip for one of the fur babies.

My youngest dog (Cruiser, 1.5 years old) has been in and out of a vet office more than double the amount of times my 7 year old female has – the vet office is seriously his second home.



It usually is in regards to his ears (yeast issues due to allergies to everything) but not this time.

Last week my husband noticed Cruiser had some what he explained looked like dry spots on both of his pupils – hard to see but visible if he’s really close.

I didn’t think anything of it because he’s a goof ball and sleeps with his eyes half open sometimes,  I figured he just woke up and they we’re just dry. I didn’t even inspect them again because I figured they would be fine in 20 mins after some blinking.

Fast forward to yesterday… A week later.

He was cuddling with me and I noticed them this time. I thought it was weird it was happening again. I checked again an hour later and the spots were still there. They weren’t going away.

So I did what every anxious person does – I searched everything on Google. After not finding anything that seemed the same I asked his breeder and a vet tech friend which they both guessed was that he had an ulcer but they were confused about the fact it was on both eyes (same spot, shape and size) since that’s irregular of an ulcer.

You can see the dull spot at the bottom of his pupil below.


I emailed our vet a picture and they made us an appointment to be seen the next day. Which was great because I’m super anxious about health stuff.

They examined him, put special drops in his eyes and checked them out with an interesting green light. Then he took some pictures to send to an animal eye specialist.

He said he wasn’t actually sure what it is. He doesn’t think it’s an ulcer – just a bunch of cells crystallizing. He will hear back from the specialist in two days who will have some answers but for now he gave us some antibiotic eye drops so we can see if that helps.

He told me it doesn’t seem to be a “bad” thing. Told me not too worry too much and that an ulcer would be a worse issue so to be happy it doesn’t look to be that.

He did say it could be due to his allergies to everything, dry eyes due to the weather or just a natural thing we never noticed. Or it could be bacteria which is why we’re doing the antibiotics so to doesn’t get worse in the next two days.

Anyways I do just hope it’s nothing serious. He’s not enjoying the eye drops at all though – it’s a real blast putting those in LOL. He doesn’t seem to be in pain or anything either thankfully!

In the end he’s just my happy (expensive) boy.


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