The Office and AF news.

Okay so I am YEARS late to this party but thanks to Netflix I finally watched The Office.  #spoilers ?

What an emotional rollercoaster.

My husband and I finished it last night and I don’t think there has ever been a show that I cried and laughed out loud watching as much as this show.  I also totally ugly cried during a few parts where Chris actually had to pause the show…


I was sad all day yesterday knowing we were going to watch the final episode and it’s so weird but I feel like I lost a friend because of how great the characters of this show were. I absolutely loved all the characters and their relationships – especially Pam and Jim of course.



I’m so sad this is all over and I really wish they could somehow do an update show every couple years because I need more. I have so many questions like did Oscar win? Do any of the couples have more children? I want to see Pam and Jims new house!

Goodbyes are a bitch. 


Anyways, for my TTC news.

I think my period is finally here, at first I thought it was spotting but I don’t believe so since it has lasted a few hours and it’s not just when I wipe now. Plus it’s more red instead of pink now.

I’m still debating if I want to take the next cycle as a break. I would like to use my new clearblue opks but I just don’t want to obsess over them which is what I always do.

I know one thing is for sure… I won’t be using pregnancy tests super early. Every time I obsess over testing early, editing photos of pee sticks and reading forums like crazy then my period always ends up being late.

Hopefully this will be our month. The funny thing is I wasn’t planning on trying until August 2016 but we decided to try early so hopefully I can have a May baby which is what I originally planned.

If only I knew getting pregnant wasn’t as easy as I thought. 😉


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