The ups and downs of house shopping (featuring our new house)

So because I didn’t have this blog when this all went down… I’m going to write about it now.


We bought a house! But first a horror story…

We had been looking for a house in June and we found a really cute one… It was right by the lake, a few doors down from the library, the inside was all brand new and a huge yard.

We thought we found the house… We made an offer and it was accepted. BUT THANK GOD FOR HOME INSPECTIONS! The inside was flawless, tons of insulation,cosmetically beautiful, appliances worked and fireplace was inspected. Outside… Still good but needed new ducts.

The issue? Underneath in the crawl space. It was a mess and I can’t even make this up. The house we were prepared to buy? A fricken car jack was holding part of it up, joists were a mess due to bad repairs, wood rot and even carpenter ants. Thankfully for you – I even have pictures.

So of course we backed out of the offer – We’re not that crazy.

In the end it was actually for the best because my husband was laid off from a job he hated that week anyways… BUT then found his dream job which made the house we ended up buying possible! Because it was literally more than double the price of the house above… So we’re still a little crazy.

Onto the house we bought! (kinda)

We ended up buying a new build so it actually won’t be ready until next July. It’s a crazy wait but we’re so excited… You can at least see our house be built and see what flooring/cabinets/counters/upgrades we pick.

I will show you the layout and such though 🙂

So we bought a middle townhouse with three bedrooms and 2.5 baths. It has a little yard for our dogs and a huge basement that we will eventually turn into a bar/hang out area.

It is in a great itty bitty town an hour away from us now but not too far from Chris’s work thankfully! So we will still be pretty close to family which is also good.

Now for the pictures!


So the interior will be different since we’ll be picking different colours for our floors, cabinets and counters… But this was the same model except they have that gorgeous island which is a 6k upgrade that I won’t be getting even though I really wish I was!

July can not come fast enough. I can’t wait to move in but also watch our house be built! Right now we just have a little dirt spot where our house eventually will be.

I also need a little baby to put in one of those bedrooms 😉

PS. If you remember anything from this blog post… DO A HOME INSPECTION and make sure the offer is conditional of the house passing the inspection so you don’t lose your deposit.


2 thoughts on “The ups and downs of house shopping (featuring our new house)

  1. Home inspections are a life saver! We fell in love with a house on our search and we were ready to put in a full offer…..turns out it had structural issues and would prob cost 60,000 to fix! Houses go here quickly but luckily we bought our first home with very few problems 🙂 your new one looks like it’s going to be so pretty! The island sounds expensive, but I’m sure you could put in one yourself for way cheaper after it is finished!


    • They really are – the people selling were definitely hoping if they made the inside look nice enough we wouldn’t get a home inspection I believe so I am glad we did one.

      It’s good the house you got didn’t have any issues, that’s a relief!

      Also thank you! I will definitely do some upgrades on our own like the island because the builder costs are insane where my husband and father are both extremely handy so they can do a lot of things on their own for a lot cheaper.

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