Cycle day 36

Welp, my period still hasn’t arrived. We’re on cycle day 36 when my period usually comes cycle day 30/31 so we’re a little late.


Honestly though? I’m pretty certain I have another cyst. It’s that familiar left side pain that I felt in March right under my hip. This one thankfully is not nearly as painful as the previous one felt – this one is more just a bloated ache.

I am surprisingly optimistic feeling though – I’m really trying to stay calm and not obsess. I will give it another two weeks or so and then make an appointment with my doctor to see what she suggests which I am sure will be more ultrasounds.

Today I had another nice hot bath and I also used a face mask because even though I’m not having my period the few little pimples I get during that time still arrived – What joy.


The rest of the day will be cleaning and maybe a little shopping. My husband had a wisdom tooth pulled (at 28) on Tuesday because it was causing him pain but thankfully he feels almost 100% again so we may even go for a long pokemongo egg hatching walk.


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