Relaxing with a cup of tea

Thank you Teavana for your 75% off sale when I am in my need for tea!
I got $50 dollars worth of chocolate chai tea for $11 dollars today and it’s so good!

Plus I got them to make my iced chocolate matcha tea when I was there. Is it just me or does that matcha tea seem way too hard to make at home? Plus the tools alone seem so expensive. I love it so much though – so delicious.

I’m going to turn into a tea person if it helps me relax because I only like coffee when its filled with cream and sugar… and blended into ice with whipped cream. Okay, so I really just like fraps – not coffee. So this tea addiction is definitely a step in the right direction.

ALSO – I heard parsley helps bring on you’re period… No idea if its some snake oil idea, but I am down to try it since I have tons of fresh parsley in my herb garden.
I also learned it doesn’t have much of a taste when its mixed with other tea. I couldn’t even taste it – so I will also be adding it to my teas this week just in case it helps!


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