Not sure when AF is visiting…

I thought it was started yesterday due to spotting but it didn’t end up turning into my period. Today I had slight spotting too but it has also vanished again – really frustrating.

I do believe I have a cyst again. I’m having pressure in my left side again which is what happened in March and I feel pretty bloated. I had spotting in March too for (which never used to ever happen). but it happened before AF was due.

I just had a nice hot bath and now I am having tea – I’m really hoping it’s just stress related and that if I just try and relax I will feel better and hopefully end this cycle so I can try again next month.

Both in March and this month I completely stressed over opks and testing for pregnancy way too much – so I am wondering if I may just not be ovulating properly due to stress in general.

I don’t find too much online about how cysts completely mess up your cycle unless is PCOS though – so I don’t know why these cysts would even mess my cycles up and make them do a 180 anyways… Unless I really do have PCOS.

It’s possible that I could have it – but I really don’t have many symptoms. I’m plus sized but I have been my whole life and I am losing weight, so it seems weird that I would get PCOS after losing 16% of my body weight. I don’t have skin tags, dark skin, facial hair and my acne has actually been better then it ever has been – I wouldn’t even call it acne anymore I just get the white head here and there. In all the ultrasounds I have had I have either been cyst free or I have had one small follicle cyst – never the string of pearls. So my only real symptoms are my extra weight in the middle and my cycles being crazy since March.

Could this all really be stress related? God I hope so. I just need to calm down and stop stressing but it’s so much easier said than done.


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