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Thanks for visiting our blog!
Fair warning… There is going to be tons of too much information in my blog especially period talk.

I think we have a little bit of catching up to do and what has been going on with our journey so far…

We decided to start trying for a family March 2016. I jumped into charting and using OPKs right away but unfortunately without any luck. My first chart wasn’t the greatest… My basal temperature was all over the place, didn’t get a positive OPK either… But when I started spotting mid month I thought I was for sure pregnant and it was implantation spotting. I was having tons of symptoms on top of that – I was even really nauseous the week before my period was due.

Well I definitely wasn’t pregnant.
After multiple negative pregnancy tests, my period being weeks late and a constant ache in my ovary area – I found out I had a small ovarian cyst. I finally got my period on cycle day 52 but it was really scanty and light. Since then I haven’t had regular periods exactly… They come on cycle day 29 – 35 and they’re all really light when I used to have medium/heavy periods.

I have been to my family doctor and she referred me to a fertility specialist… But that didn’t work out unfortunately. I will write a blog post all about this rude fertility doctor in another post. I didn’t get the help I needed though – all because of fat shamming.

Anyways now we’re just still trying and I am hoping my hormones go back to how they were and we can keep trying! As I write all of this I’m on cycle day 34 and slightly spotting, not pregnant and really waiting to get this cycle going again.


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